Behind the Markets publishes independent investment research for independent investors.

The Investor’s Problem

Alan Smith researches his own investments.

A self-directed investor, he believes financial advisors are too expensive, too biased toward certain products and more concerned with selling products than helping clients.

Fiercely independent, he believes the research his discount brokerage supplies “for free” is either dated, biased or too focused on large cap stocks.

Our Solution

We deliver premium independent investment research for selective investors.

Our Principles

Below are our founding principles.

1. Everyone is in our “A book.”

Wall Street breaks customers down into what they call “Books.”

The biggest customers are in the “A-Book,” middle sized customers are in the “B-Book” and the smallest customers make up the “C-Book.”

Customers in the “A-Book” get invited into all the best deals and hottest IPO’s. Customers in the “B-Book” occasionally get a taste of the hot stuff, but never more than just enough to keep them around.

Do you know what customers in the “C-Book” get? They get a call from their broker when it’s time for the “A-book” to sell their stocks.

At Behind the Markets we treat everyone the way we want to be treated - we put everyone into our “A book.”

2. The Best Investment Opportunities are Found Where Wall Street isn’t Looking

There are 14,000 publicly traded stocks on the market. Wall Street spends every day focused on the same 500 or so large cap stocks. We believe the best investment opportunities are found in the 13,500 stocks Wall Street doesn’t focus on.

3. We are a research firm only. We will NEVER accept a penny to promote any stock.

When it comes to separating propaganda from news, most investors don’t even stand a chance. And with the rise of the social networks, today’s investment propaganda is more sophisticated than it’s ever been. That means the investments they recommend are more dangerous than ever.

We have zero interest in the investment banking or public relations business. We do what we do because we enjoy it and we’re good at it. Know that we will never accept any payment, in any form, to recommend a particular stock to you. Period.